Lower Lewis River FallsThe Lower Lewis River Falls is a beautiful and quite powerful waterfall, fed by the glaciers on Washington’s Mt Adams, creates a nice plunge pool, perfect for swimming in.  Be sure to stay away from the falls however, considering this is a glacial river, and one wrong slip could end up sending a person into the powerful undertow beneath the falls, which would almost definitely be fatal. The falls are accessed from the Lower Falls Recreation area, a good starting point for exploring the numerous other waterfalls in the area.

Chasing Waterfalls and Waterfall Wednesday.  According to Wiki there are at least 238 waterfalls in Oregon! I’m guessing even more than that.  Wouldn’t it be grand to witness the beauty of every one of them?  With 77 waterfalls on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge alone, we’ve set out to find them all plus those in the nearby Mt Hood National Forest, Washington and beyond. And when we do we’ll share our finds with you, our guests, so you too can set out to Chase Waterfalls.

The innkeepers of the Columbia River Gorge Bed and Breakfast Association are eager to share their favorite spots and events for adventure and exploration in the Hood River Valley, Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area, Mt Adams and Mt Hood.

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